Ponce & Benzo has commercial allies around the world who have entrusted their products in our hands for commercialization and marketing. We provide our partners orientation in the Venezuelan market, to achieve sustainable outcomes that align with their corporate vision.


Our Partners:

Kikkoman Corporation

Kikkoman began as a private company of the Mogi and Takanashi families, who began making soy sauce in the Japanese town of Noda, in order to produce quality seasoned food. Through the years Kikkoman has won numerous international awards for its expertise in enhancing the natural flavor of foods. It is known for developing natural seasonings that have won awards worldwide, including honors at the 1873 World Fair in Vienna, and the distinction of being the official sauces for the Japanese imperial family for many years. In 1917, families were merged to form Noda Shoyu Co., Ltd. In 1964, the company changed its name to Kikkoman Shoyu Co., Ltd., and again in 1980 to Kikkoman Corporation. Although the Kikkoman Company’s soy sauce produced in Noda is still the main product, the company has significantly increased its portfolio of products as well as expanding their geographical presence. Their products are also now being produced in the United States, Europe, Singapore and Taiwan. In addition to their various plants, Kikkoman has numerous subsidiaries and affiliates. The Kikkoman Group has affiliations with Del Monte, Manns Vino Co., Ltd. and JFC International Inc., with a diversification of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to Eastern foods.

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Max InterAmericas Inc.

Max InterAmericas Inc. is a distribution company headquartered in San Diego, specializing in mass consumption. It is the exclusive exporter of Maruchan products to Central and South American countries. Their two main products are "Instant Lunch", instant soups cups, and "Ramen noodles" which are envelopes with dehydrated pasta, vegetables and spices, both being number one in the United States and Mexico. Max InterAmericas has been growing in its export volumes, having decades of experience in Mexico and years of success in managing Maruchan soups in Latin American markets.

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Merisant is a global company focused on the production of low-calorie sweeteners. It was founded on March 20, 2000 with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing the most popular tabletop sweeteners in the World: Equal and Canderel, besides a dozen other brands. Merisant's products are marketed in over 90 countries, and today they have over 400 employees and offices around the world, including the UK, Mexico, Switzerland and France.

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Nutricia - Danone Group

The group consisting of Nutricia, Danone, has the most complete and innovative range of child nutrition products. With over 100 years of research, Nutricia is a pioneer in developing infant formulas, adapted to all needs. The quality and worldwide support of pediatricians provide mothers peace of mind, and happiness to children. Nutricia is in 37 countries worldwide.

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Adhesives Internacionales S.A., ADHINTER, is a Colombian company founded in 1996 that belongs to the Tecnoquímicas group, which is of one of the top 100 companies in Colombia. This company manages about 8,000 consumable goods, manufactures more than 2,600 products, and commercializes approximately 3,300, which represents a sales level of about U.S. $250 million.

ADHINTER is one of the most important manufacturers of Band-Aid’s with their brand Cure Band whose leadership is complemented by a complete line of porous bandages and patches that compete successfully in America, by virtue of their business strategy to: Offer the best  Quality/Price value.

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