Improvements through our products

Ponce & Benzo strives to provide high quality products, and at the same time, minimize our environmental impact by innovating through our ingredients and packaging that allows us to offer our consumers excellent products that are environmentally friendly.

In the context of environmental sustainability, Ponce & Benzo has introduced biodegradable ingredients in our Home Care products line, seeking to offer innovative and quality solutions, which in turn are eco-friendly. A perfect example of this is the L-Bar fabric softener in its three presentations: Fresh Dawn, Spring Garden, and Baby Tenderness, which include biodegradable ingredients in its formulation.

In terms of packaging, one of the recent pro-environment changes made, includes the usage of recycled cardboard for all of our cases. Some examples are the case of the Wampole emulsion line, the OverSkin diaper rash cream, Adel ointment and Vitenol cream. This change has allowed us to reduce our environmental impact, without jeopardizing the quality of our products.

Improvements through our processes

Within the spectrum of planning new projects, Ponce & Benzo is constantly taking into account factors, such as the improvement and optimization of the processes, reducing energy consumption and optimizing the use of resources. In this sense, the company is looking to offer solutions that contribute to sustainable development. An example of this has been development and incorporation of a virtual sales app.