Purifying Water Plant

The purified water is free of bacteriological, impurities, minerals, etc., and must comply with the permissible limits that are set by the international standards.

Before potable water can be used in developing products, it must be treated in order for it to become demineralized water. For this to happen, varying concentrations of salts need to be removed as well as a number of microorganisms and minerals present that could potentially contaminate the finished product. A Purifying Water system is required to be able obtain water that meets the quality standards established by competent authorities. For this reason, it is essential that each pharmaceutical company have a Water Purification System that guarantees full compliance with mandatory quality standards.

Laboratorios Ponce C.A., Ponce & Benzo’s sister company is also committed to the country; it manufactures and distributes a wide range of health care, personal care, nutrition and household care products. It has a Purified Water System that produces the highest quality water to the highest standards established by national and international regulations, such as: Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry, The United States Pharmacopeia (USP 23), WHO Report 32, among others.

Laboratorios Ponce C.A., Purifying Water System Laboratory, is structured in the following form:

Purification System: consisting of filtration equipment and Chlorine Dosing Pump. Its main objective is to prepare the ‘raw’ water from Hidrocapital and / or of Pozo, eliminating the chlorine in this and adding the specified amount to prevent microbial growth.

Pre-treatment system: consisting of the filtering equipment, UV equipment and the tank. This station serves the purpose of preparing the water for the demineralization process, removing suspended solids, hardness, and all the chlorine so as to protect the system from contamination that can hinder the equipment’s performance and shorten its life.

Demineralization System, made up primarily of the Reverse Osmosis equipment (RO) and the Electro-deionizer (EDI), that remove all the ions from the water and removes silica, which leaves the sought after values of water quality up that meet standards of USP regulations.

Storage tank connected to the Distribution LOOP, leading pretreated water to different points of use.