Recycling Program and Statistics

For over six years, Ponce & Benzo has a corporate recycling program, with the support of major companies such as Owens Illinois, Smurfit Kappa of Venezuela and Ecoplast. The program provides recycling of materials such as paper, cardboard, glass and plastic.


Recycling Program P & B

2,677 Kg of Paper

34,680 Kg of Cardboard

19,040 Kg of Glass

1,743.2 Kg of Plastic


All our employees are actively involved in the recycling program, which is part of the corporate culture as collecting paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, or other usable materials that can be recycled, is part of Ponce & Benzo’s daily activity. This program allow the company to reduce expenses, and whatever income that results from this activity is used in social and recreational activities for employees of Ponce & Benzo. We consider this contribution important for conservation of the environment as we are aware that by recycling, we are able to save on energy, raw materials, reduce waste from being diverted from landfills and reduce pollution.

Ponce & Benzo also contributes in raising awareness about water and waste management, providing information and tips in different areas in and out of our facilities. Another area of action is in the innovation of packaging for our products, incorporating recyclable materials that generate the least possible impact on the environment.