Búfalo is a licensed brand of German origin (Werner & Mertz GmbH), that offers a varied portfolio of shoe care products that have been produced in Venezuela for the last 30 years by a venezuelan company.


  • Cream or Paste: Ideal to clean, shine, preserve and soften the leathered shoes.
  • Liquid Applicator (for leather and suede): Cleans and leaves as new, both leather and suede footwear, with its delicate formula designed especially these type of leathers.
  • Quick Ink: Instantly dyes footwear and other leather goods.


  • Excellent quality
  • Specialized presentations for each type of leather 
  • Wide variety of colors
  • It is the only brand that offers a line directed to the care of suede footwear


Cream Polish
Crema Negro 160x160.png
Black Cream 36 g
Crema Marrón 160x160.png
Brown Cream 36 g
Crema Neutro 160x160.png
Neutral Cream 36 g
Crema Vino Tinto 160x160.png
Burgundy Cream 36 g
Liquid Cream Polish
Brill Negro 120x270.png
Black 60 ml
Brill Marrón 120x270.png
Brown 60 ml
Brill Blanco 120x270.png
White 60 ml
Gamuza Negro 120x270.png
Black 60 ml
Gamuza Marrón 120x270.png
Brown 60 ml
Gamuza Tabaco 120x270.png
Tobaco 60 ml
Gamuza Neutro 120x270.png
Neutral 60 ml

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