Vitapole emulsion is produced by Laboratorios Ponce C.A. This vitamin supplement was introduced in the market in early 2012, offering an excellent product to improve the daily diet of children.


Vitapole emulsion is the best vitamin supplement to enrich the daily diet of your children, thanks to its combination of cod liver oil with vitamins A, D and B complex, which improves their physical and mental development. Its formula helps the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients from food to offer children a healthy life full of fun. It is available in three delicious and fun flavors: Orange Extreme, Happy Strawberry, and Bubble Gum.

Vitpole formula provides the daily requirement of vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6, B12 and nicotinamide). It is the ideal energy supplier for the normal functioning of the body, especially when vitamin intake from food is insufficient.


  • Aids digestion of carbohydrates (sugars), proteins and fats
  • It stimulates the appetite
  • Prevents anemia
  • Reduces irritability and hyperkinesis
  • Improves mental performance (memory and concentration)
  • Relieves muscle fatigue and physical exhaustion
  • Increases energy by promoting the proper use of food


Vitapole Emulsions come in a Glass Bottle in three different flavors:

Emulsion Flavor

Net Content

Handeling Unit

Extreme Orange

240 cm3

Box of 12 units

Happy Strawberry

240 cm3

Box of 12 units

Bubble Gum

240 cm3

Box of 12 units

VitaPole Naranja 175x350.png
Vitapole Extreme Orange
VitaPle Fresa 175x350.png
Vitapole Happy Strawberry
VitaPle Chicle 175x350.png
Vitapole Bubble Gum

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