Over Skin

OverSkin is a diaper rash cream that protects and restores the delicate skin of a baby. It is produced by Laboratorios Ponce C.A., and was introduced to the market in 1997. This diaper rash cream continues to be one of the leading products in its category. 


OverSkin is the most efficient cream to soothe, smoothen and protect babies delicate skin from diaper rash, because its formula is made up of 40% zinc oxide, the ingredient preferred by pediatricians.

Its formula acts preventively, so that mothers can fully enjoy the happiness of their children.


OverSkin is available in two different presentations:



Net Content

Handeling Unit

Jar Container

50 g

Box of 12 units


50 g

Box of 12 units

Overskin Crm Panal Tarro 70x12 - 200x157.png
OverSkin Jar
Overskin Tubo Panalitis 50x12 - 200x85.png
OverSkin Tube

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