Fantomalt is a dietary supplement, in the form of powder, made by Nutricia. This product provides an easily absorbed source of energy for the diets of infants, children and adults. Fantomalt is a supplement used in patients in need of a calorie-rich diet.

It comes in the Presentation of a tin can of 400 g.

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Fantomalt powder is a carbohydrate-based food supplement (maltodextrin). Fantomalt powder is a dietary food used for special medical purposes, and intended for dietary management of patients with insufficient energy intake or increased energy needs. It does not contain milk protein, gluten or lactose.


  • Instantaneous absorption comparable to glucose.
  • Ideal for patients who have dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating sufficient amounts of protein and / or fat.
  • Prevents osmotic diarrhea.
  • Easy to mix into a variety of dishes without making them too sweet.
  • Easy to prepare, without affecting the taste or appearance of food and beverages.


  • Contains 85% of maltodextrin
  • Does not contain any milk protein, gluten or lactose
  • 1 scoop measure (5 g of powder) = 20 kcal
  • In beverages: Add the required amount of Fantomalt in drink and stir well. You can add the formula to hot or cold, sweet or savory beverages.
  • Dishes: dissolve the required amount of Fantomalt in a small amount of water and mix with the food. 

Important recommendations:

  • Prepare Fantomalt (food) per serving, and use within the following two hours.
  • Discard any uneaten/undrinked product.
  • Once the can is opened, consume within one month.
  • Only use the dosing spoon provided in the package.
Preservation and Storage
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep away from children
  • Can of 400 grams


Fantomalt is a product for oral and enteral use only. Not for parenteral use. Not suitable for use as the sole source of food or nourishment.


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