L-bar is a fabric softener line that makes ironing clothes easier. The products of this brand were introduced in the market in the year 2001, and distinguish themselves for being eco-friendly, as they are biodegradable.


L-bar fabric softeners are available in three pleasant fragrances, which provide softness and freshness to all clothing, and make ironing of these clothes easier.



• Durable and subtle scents
• Makes ironing easier
• Extends the life of clothes
• Biodegradable. Will not harm the environment


L-bar Fabric Softener Scent


Handeling Unit

Spring Garden

950 ml

Box of 8 units

Fresh Dawn

950 ml

Box of 8 units

Baby's Tenderness

950 ml

Box of 8 units

L-Bar Suav Jard.Primave.1000x8 252x425.png
L-bar Fabric Softener Spring Garden
L-bar Suav.Fres.Alborada1000x8 251x425.png
L-bar Fabric Softener Fresh Dawn
L-Bar Suav Ternur.d Bebe1000x8 238x425.png
L-Bar Fabric Softener Baby's Tenderness

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