José Antonio Ponce Alvins conceives the idea of creating his business: “A House of Representations”. His capital at the time: his desire to work; his driving force: faith


P&B was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 8, 1923. It is a result of a partnership between Jose Antonio Ponce Alvins and his good friend Miguel Angel Benzo


P&B obtains the representation of the established firm, The Oakland Chemical Co. Inc. NY. They start commercializing Dioxogen Antibacterial Solution.


P&B establishes offices nationwide: in Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Pto. Cabello, Valencia, Coro, Ciudad Bolívar, Valera, San Cristobal, Mérida and Cumaná.


P&B obtains representation of the North American firm Henry K. Wampole & Company. Wampole prepration enters the venezuelan market.


Ponce & Benzo opens its first building in the capital city, built especially to service the respresented firms.


On June 17th, 1948, José Antonio Ponce Alvins constitutes Ponce Laboratories C.A., which continues to fabricate the P&B brands; it was one of his greatist ambitions.


The 2nd generation joins the company on January 2nd: Jose Antonio Ponce Betancourt, a pharmacist, and later his brother Luis José in cosmetics on June 29, 1959.


P&B purchases the Dioxogen brand rights, and till this day, continues to produce all Dioxogen products in Venezuela.


P&B obtains representation, and begins to commercialize Vitenol, a product from Pulmobronk Laboratories, C.A.; a Cream is used for intensive care and nutrition of skin.


Afer 40 years, P&B is recognized as one of the most dynamic companies in the country and opens its new building in Santa Eduvigis.


Dioxogen Original roll-on deodorant makes its debut; a high quality product that continues its trajectory in the the venezuelan market.


P&B obtains representation and begins to commercialize Adel ointment, a product from Pulmobronk Laboratories, C.A.; this cream helps prevent and treat skin irritations.


The Dioxogen brand introduces Dioxogen antibacterial soap into the market in its two versions, bar and liquid, as well as Dioxogen refreshing talc.


P&B begins to distribute the pre-brush mouthwash, Plak Attack in the venezuelan market.


P&B introduces the Japanese brand Kikkoman; internationally recognized for its expertise in enhancing the natural flavor of foods.


P&B gets the representation of the brands Equal and Sucaryl, and begins distributing both lines. In 2005, Merisant gives P&B exclusive representation of these.


Dioxogen Aloe Vera Roll-on, Fresh Talc Roll-on (1996), and Baking Soda Roll-on (1997) presentations, join the Original Roll-on deodorant.


The P&B brand OverSkin, makes its first launch. This product is used to care for baby's delicate skin, preventing diaper rash.


Ponce & Benzo obtains the representation and begins to distribute Cure Band products, a brand from the Colombian company, Tecnoquímicas. 


Over Skin, a P&B brand with a long trajectory, makes a new release with new creams to protect babies skin against diaper rash.


The Wampole brand introduces a chocolate flavored powder shake to contribute to the physical and mental development of children.


Wampole releases two new flavors of emulsions: Strawberry and Orange; as well as two new powder shake flavors: Strawberry and Caramel.


Fabis Dishwashing Cream with Vitamin E and Baking Soda makes its debut in the venezuelan market. 


Looking to meet consumer tastes, Dioxogen deodorants introduces two new applicators: Deodorant Cream and Deodorant Bar.


The new Fabis liquid Dishwashing soaps with Vitamin E make their debut in the venezuelan market, in four different versions.


Major changes are made to the Dioxogen brand with its segmentation into two different lines: Dioxogen® and Dioxogen Med®.


The longstanding international shoe care brand, Buffalo, is launched and manufactured in Venezuela under WERNER & MERTZ license.


After the segmentation the brand, Dioxogen® launches liquid handsoaps to the market,  in five different versions.


Ponce & Benzo obtains the representation of Nutricia, a Danone Company, and begins to distribute baby formulas made by this brand.


A new member of the Dioxogen® deodorant line is released in four different versions: the presentation of Dioxogen Aerosol.


P&B strengthens ties with Bull (Argentina) through mid-2009, and begins to commercializing 4 presentations of Shark Condoms in February.


The Dioxogen Med® antibacterial line grows, thanks to the inclusion of the new Antibacterial Gel with Vitamin E microcapsules in its portfolio.


Market launch of the new product Dencorub Ice Arnica, with an innovative Roll-on presentation.


Dioxogen® launches the only hypoallergenic shaving foam in the market, in two versions: for All Skin Types and for Sensitive Skin.


The Magical World of Disney becomes reality in Ponce & Benzo with the launch of the Disney child care line.


Wampole Emulsion refreshes its image with new presentations and two new flavors: Citrus Explosion and Extreme Fun.


Dioxogen® presents the newly refreshed images of their entire deodorant line in all versions and applicators: Roll-on, Aerosol and Cream.


Dioxogen® launches the new presentations of liquid handsoaps, offering a more modern and attractive packaging for this quality product.

A glimpse of history

Ponce & Benzo was founded at the corner of Dr. Diaz, in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 8, 1923. The Company is a result of a partnership between Jose Antonio Ponce Alvins and his good friend Miguel Angel Benzo. Times were hard back then, and just eleven months after they started the company, the original partners decided to part their own ways. The parties agreed not to change the Company’s name so as not to loose the capital invested for its registration.

With scarce resources, Mr. Ponce Alvins started the long task of writing to different international firms, offering representation and distribution of their products in Venezuela. He reached his first agreement with Albertmale Export & Import Co. in New York. Subsequently, others were incorporated: Coleman, Dixie Cup, Miles, Mentholatum, Bovril, Mead Johnson, Abbott, Wyeth, Tampax, Scott Paper, Kolynos, Mennen, etc.

However, given the success of several of these international products in the Venezuelan market, many of these original partners would begin to establish their companies in the country. In addition, between the years 1952-1958, Venezuela was ruled by a dictator called Marcos Pérez Jímenez who would put a halt in Venezuela’s importations as he enforced endogenous productivity.These chain of events led Mr. Ponce Alvins to make the decision of making the investment to would allow him to start producing his own line of products. In June 17, 1948, José Antonio Ponce Alvins executes one of his greatest ambitions: establishing Laboratorios Ponce, P&B sister company, that would manufacture P&B own products, as it still does today.

In 1963, upon the Company’s 40th anniversary, P&B is recognized as one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing companies the country. It was this anniversary year that the Ponce & Benzo Caracas headquarters building was built in the Santa Eduvigis neighborhood.

Ponce and Benzo continues to commercialize their own and represented products with the same care enthusiasm and commitment that it started with. Its perseverance can be demonstrated by the long history of prestigious international firms that continue to confide in P&B, for being one of the best distributors in all of Venezuela. Some examples of these international firms that P&B represent are: Merisant (Equal, PureVia, Sucaryl), Nutricia Danone Group, Tecnoquímicas, Max InterAmericas (Maruchan) and Kikkoman.