Headquarters - Caracas

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Our headquarters are in Santa Eduvigis, in an own building, which has an area of ​​5,760 m2.

The building hosts the administrative offices as well as the production areas of Laboratorios Ponce C.A.. Over the recent years, P&B has been acquiring modern machinery, determined to improve and facilitatw the work of preparation, filling and packaging of production.

The company continues to work on new projects that aim towards modernization of facilities, among which is the acquisition and operation of semi-automatic machines for filling of solid, liquid and semi-solids. Additionally, the company is increasing the number of administrative offices, taking advantage of the top floor of the building which was previously vacant. Finally, P&B is also improving the auxiliary storage area in the Santa Eduvigis building.


Plant and National Distribution Center

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The plant is located in the state of Carabobo, and has an area of 48,090 m2.

It is here where the state of the art Water Purification System lies, as well as some of the newer machinery that produces some of P&B owned brands. It also has designated spaces for storage of produced and imported products, as it is also a center of distribution.