Mission & Values


We are a strong and innovative organization that is recognized for our brands, our talent and the quality of all our products.

  • We are: our people, our talent, working as a team.
  • Strong: stable, profitable, sustainable, safe, feasible.
  • Recognized: by what we are, our identity, our values ​​and the brands we represent.
  • Quality: we meet the needs and expectations of our customers; excellence is in everything we do.

Our Values

Ponce & Benzo bases its philosophy on ethics, respect, fairness and justice. These principles coexist with the clear vision of the development of our business and a proactive approach to meet the challenges of the Venezuelan market.


In Ponce and Benzo declare our values ​​as integrity, will, commitment, quality and sustainability. Your definition incorporates the way our members understand and live ...


Economic dimension :

Sustainability :

  • We are a solid and solvent organization.
  • We want to continue growing and creating value in partnership with our employees.
  • We care about optimal use of available resources to meet our objectives.
  • We believe our growth consistent with the preservation and care of the environment .


  • Our customers are the heart of the activity developed .
  • Being excellent means to act with professionalism to satisfy our internal and external customers with products and services that fit their expectations , for which we innovate constantly .
  • Details are important , so we act with discipline and perseverance .

Emotional dimension :


  • We are part of a valuable company , so we put all our effort and dedication to what we do.
  • We are also committed to the development of the country.


  • We are optimistic and persevering .
  • We are always willing and we understand the importance of meeting the challenges with much encouragement , regardless of complexity .

Ethical dimension :


  • We always act with honesty , fairness, respect and honesty.
  • We comply with the law and the rules.